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  • Sales analysis by Product & Customer.
  • Marketing campaign analysis.
  • Management Accounts.
  • Belsoft Strategic Accounting

Annual accounts are useful for external agencies in monitoring the success of your business and determining tax liabilities. However, as a business manager they will be of limited value to you as they contain little information about the current status of your business.

Ad-hoc analysis can aid your decision making now, for instance to identify products to discontinue or those to promote, to assess the financial benefit of a promotional event, to review pricing policy or set prices for new products, services or contracts.

Regular Management Information packs can enable you to see changes in your business and risks to revenues or cash reserves as they occur. This allows you to take early action where necessary. For example regular reporting could include numbers of customer complaints, new order volumes or average customer payment days. We work with you to determine the key management information for your business and to assist in the setting up of a single periodic report containing all the information that you need to see to effectively manage your business regardless of the number and type of different software packages that you use. In most cases this report can be largely automated. We will also train key personnel in the compilation and interpretation of this information.

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