Business Process Review

Spending too much fire-fighting problems, undertaking admin and chasing information – instead of running your business?

If only you had 5 minutes you could save 5 hours right? But your day is taken up trying to keep up with the steady inflow of customer communications, staffing issues, government red tape and quality control problems. Well we can’t take a magic wand to all your problems but we can benchmark your business against others we know and use the latest technology options to help you optimise your time and that of your team and improve efficiency within your business.

With 20 years post-qualification accountancy experience in industry and 10 years of running an accountancy practice, we’ve seen many businesses succeed and fail and the single biggest impact on that is the degree of process and organisation the business employs. Our business process review will the use benefit of an outsiders view of your business to identify and prioritise areas of inefficieny and waste in your business and craft a bespoke business improvement programme designed to improve your profitability.

Typically this review is done over a number of weekly visits for a month, meeting with key staff members at each visit to map the data and workflows within your business. Following this we produce a report with tangible practical recommendations on changes you can make that will deliver improvements to your bottom line and your work satisfaction with immediate results.

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