Why we love Xero online accounting software

We recommend Xero to our clients as an easy and flexible online accounting solution in the cloud. Our clients love it. All their important facts and figures are available to view in real time.

  • The bank feeds are awesome, typically halves the time spent on data entry at least.
  • The notes and expected date feature on the sales ledger makes credit control a doddle.
  • Ease of use, no accountant jargon so easy for anyone to start using and find their way around
  • Great free webinars showing you how to do stuff
  • Personalised branding on your invoices and statements and automated sending etc
  • Customisable reporting and great at a glance dashboards and management information.

The dashboard gives you everything on one screen

This is your dashboard, where you can see all important information quickly for example how much money you have coming into the business. Everything that is blue you can click on to find out more information.

xero dashboard

You can easily reconcile with your bank account


Once you have set your bank account up in Xero your bank feed is easily updated and will appear clearly, so you can see all transactions. Once you have in-putted purchase and sales invoices Xero will try to match the invoice to a bank transaction. If you know what the transaction is but do not have an invoice you can create a simple one on the bank feed. You can transfer the transaction to another bank account within Xero. You can make notes on transactions with any important information.

Invoice tracking is easy


You can add any information about a sales invoice in the expected date column it will allow you to make notes. Therefore if you have a 30 day payment agreement you can look to see who has paid and who hasn’t so it’s easy to chase them up you can then add a note onto the expected date to say that you have chased this person for the money etc.

Your invoices can customised to your company brand


Personalise your sales invoices by putting your company logo on, your address, phone number etc. Once set up it will appear on all created invoices.

It really could not be easier and it does not stop there.  Why not try it out for yourself now!

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