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What’s new in Xero? – May 2018

What’s new in Xero? – Our monthly update of new and upcoming features… For clients and end users ‘New expenses’ changes – Xero launched their ‘new’ expenses feature back in November 2017. It includes receipt OCR and could possibly replace

On Bloody Windows 10!

Is anyone else getting really hacked off with Microsoft at the moment? If it isn’t enough of a nightmare that Windows update runs without permission at really inconvenient times, like when shutting down the laptop just before leaving a client,

BREXIT – Should we stay or should we go?

There has been a lot of discussion in the press recently about the macro economic implications of an exit from the EU. For me the only thing that has become clearer through it all, is that it is impossible to

The results gap pt5 – Stuff happens

Last week I considered the question “Are we working effectively?”. This week I consider the impact of the unexpected and our ability to react and adjust to it.  Stuff happens! Guess what? No matter how good our planning, stuff happens

The results gap – part 4 – The lie of ‘busyness’

Last week I considered the question “Do I adjust spending regularly to reflect actual results?” This week I consider the effectiveness of the business and how the ‘lie of busyness’ can leave us working harder but achieving less, thus contributing

The results gap – pt3 – Cost control in the light of actual results

Last week I considered the question “Were my budgets prudent or overly optimistic?” thank you for your comments, it is great to know that this blog series is being well received and it is generating questions for you in your

The Results Gap – Part 2 – Overly Optimistic Forecasting


Last week I considered the question “Did I get sufficient reward from my business last year in return for the investment of time, energy and emotion that I put in?” This week I consider the first of the factors that

The Results Gap – part 1

As the personal tax year draws to a close, it is a good time to reflect on your business results for the year compared to your expected results. Some businesses have a detailed budget and other more simplified businesses just

Spring Tax Planning

tax planning

With the end of the tax year coming up, now is a good time to think about your earnings for this year and tax planning strategies. Whether you’re a sole trader or a company director, there are some key things

How to play Santa without creating business tax risks

Want to treat your employees and clients this Christmas? If you are planning to play Santa and generate some additional goodwill, it is important to be aware that providing gifts and treats during the festive season can have serious consequences.