Business systems analysis

So your business has grown and you use multiple systems to manage it; some paper-based, some desktop based and some cloud based. You have customer information and communications in multiple places, individual email accounts and CRM systems and struggle to find relevant information or be sure it is up to date. There are a myriad of excel spreadsheets and pdfs held on individual computers, servers or in cloud applications some no longer in use designed by team members no longer in the business. Your office may be awash with unfiled pieces of paper and important documents such as despatch notes and invoices are difficult to locate. Accounts information is pulled together just in time for the accountants to complete the year end but there is poor visibility of profitability on an on-going basis, although you probably know what your sales are. Sound familiar? Ok maybe it’s not THAT bad but you may just have the sense that it could be better.

In our Business systems analysis review, we will work with you to map your systems, understand how they interconnect, identify system weaknesses and suggest some changes. This is typically acheived by a visit to your business including interviews with key staff members of between 1/2 a day and 2 days (depending on the size and complexity of your business). Following this we will produce a report with very practical recommendations for improvements.

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