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Spring Tax Planning

tax planning

With the end of the tax year coming up, now is a good time to think about your earnings for this year and tax planning strategies. Whether you’re a sole trader or a company director, there are some key things

How to play Santa without creating business tax risks

Want to treat your employees and clients this Christmas? If you are planning to play Santa and generate some additional goodwill, it is important to be aware that providing gifts and treats during the festive season can have serious consequences.

A budget for dating a new customer…

Two Magic Numbers Every Business-Owner Needs to Know: Part 2 Following on from last week’s post, let’s take a look at the second number that we think can transform your business decision-making. Read on to find out how to access

I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than….

Two Magic Numbers Every Business-Owner Needs to Know: Part 1 As accountants, you might expect us to see every number as important. But there are two numbers which, when used right, can provide some powerful advantages to business-owners.  Over the

God has a tweet for you!

To my surpise I somehow seem to be following God on twitter and was reminded by email this morning that God had a tweet for me! What did he have to say? “I know something you don’t know!” That is

Fancy a windfall for a holiday? – Reduce your tax bill

Picture yourself on a deck chair?

So you’ve done the hard work, you’ve submitted your self-assessment tax return and saved up the tax, but it’s left you broke and everyone around you is booking holidays. Don’t despair, there may still be a way to reduce your

RTI Stands for… Relax Totally It’s covered…

PAYE RTI is coming, as you’d expect, we’ve got it covered If you have employees, you’ll be receiving a letter shortly from HMRC about Real Time Information. It can sound a bit daunting, so here are the things you need

Moving your business from struggling to strategic

Thought about your management accounts lately? No? You’re not alone. We appreciate that management accounts aren’t the top of most business-owners’ To Do lists. But here are a couple of reasons why they should be: To gain finance – There

Take the sting of potential tax investigations

You don’t have to be Jimmy Carr to be put in the spotlight about your tax affairs. Being investigated by HMRC is no laughing matter, especially as it’s becoming more common. The temptation is to assume that if you pay

Add Xero to subtract the pain from personal finances

We all know that running a business takes up a great deal of time. It can be very tempting to overlook your own finances when you’re keeping a close eye on your business spending. This is what inspired Lyn Kent,