God has a tweet for you!

To my surpise I somehow seem to be following God on twitter and was reminded by email this morning that God had a tweet for me!

What did he have to say? “I know something you don’t know!” That is undoubtedly quite true and quite reassuring, I can often find myself feeling like there is so much that I have to keep up to date with in order to look after our clients but thankfully running the practice pales in comparsion to running the universe.

It does remind me though of the importance of focussing on our area of expertise and being willing to call on others for theirs rather than trying to do everything ourselves. I love accounting and hate cleaning so for me spending more time in the office to pay for a cleaner is a no-brainer, some of our clients love their business but hate bookkeeping so working with us is a no-brainer to them. So if you are feeling overwelmed today, remember you don’t have to try and run the Universe by yourself, leave that to God!