Here at Belsoft we love apps that make life easier. So featurered here is our choice of the moment as chosen by team member Alex Baker…

What is it?

Timetastic – a staff leave planner

How does it work?

  • No more forms! You can request time off directly from your PC or mobile app
  • Department bosses receive an email with the request – they click to approve or decline
  • An online wall chart, calendar and employee record will be produced

Features and customisation

  • You can use departments to group staff
  • Customs leave can be created eg Holidays, sickness, maternity and paternity
  • Fully integrates with an Outlook calendar
  • Public holidays and company shut down can be added

Why choose Timetastic?

  • Online based – no lost pieces of paper
  • You are able to view your company’s wallchart
  • An app is available for your phone so requesting, accepting and declining can be done anywhere, anytime!
  • Only £0.50 per person per month – first 3 months free


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