Sole traders – your starter for 10

Our experience of working with sole traders and companies has taught us many things. One is that being early is always advantageous to business. That’s why we’re encouraging all sole traders to get their books in to us by end of the May with a 10% discount off the cost of our services!

Here are five great reasons to be early:

Get your books to us by the end of next month and we’ll give you a 10% discount off our services (subject to payment within our invoice terms).

Getting your books in early gives you the potential to reduce your July payment on account if your profit has decreased this year. The sooner your books are completed, the sooner you have access to an up to date picture of your business performance to inform your strategy over the rest of the year.

You’ll know for sure what tax you’re due to pay in January and July 2012, giving you plenty of time to set aside the money.

You can relax and focus on taking your business forward knowing that your tax obligations are out of the way!

Complete your preparations now and you can relax and enjoy the spring and summer months knowing your books are being taken care of! If you would like to respond to our discount offer or have a question about submitting your books, please call us on 0115 871 5842 or send us an email to: