The 2012 Budget: what’s in store for small businesses?

As experts in strategic accounting for small businesses, we understand just how important is it to keep track of how your company is performing within your sector. That’s why we now offer a Business Benchmarking service; this service compares your financial performance with other similar companies to gain insight about your business.

How does it work?
So how do we actually do this? Your data is compared with a database of company performance data provided anonymously by other accountants across the UK*. Following this detailed comparison, we will compile a report containing this information and then spend an hour with you, developing an action plan to improve your business performance in response to the benchmarking report. A detailed benchmarking report for your company, plus an hour’s session to develop a plan based on the results is now available for just £250 plus VAT.

Benchmarking for more profit
One Belsoft client who has already benefited from this service was able to identify that their staffing costs were considerably higher than their competitors, when compared to their sales. This insight has enabled them to focus on cost reduction in this area in order to improve their profitability. Before the Benchmarking session, our client had believed that they couldn’t operate with fewer staff, but they came to realise that if their competitors could, then they could too!

Act now to grab our special offer!
Right now, we’re offering a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher to the first five people who book Business Benchmarking sessions with us! To book yours, please contact us now on 0115 871 5842 or email us at: